Light Up MR & MRS Letter Hire

Guide Price:   From £240

Our light up MR & MRS letters are freestanding, and of traditional wooden construction. They are fitted with low voltage filament bulbs and Cabochon shades

to give a starburst effect,
The letters are matt white, and are supplied as standard with warm white shades.

We also offer shades in yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, green, cyan, and blue.

​These letters stand 1.2 mt tall, and, you will notice, have real curves, not corners!

We believe these are the prettiest light up MR & MRS letters on the market.

Of course, we also supply MR & MR  /  MRS & MRS


Please note that unlike the vast majority of  MR & MRS letters offered for hire,

ours are electrically safe, having an IEC inlet on their fully enclosed backs.

MR & MRS Light Up Letters
Light up MR & MRS letters