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Fairy lights and festoons can create a wonderful warm atmosphere, and fit well with most celebration themes.


They can be hung between beams, around pillars, used to create false ceilings or canopies, used as a backdrop or room divider, or placed behind our venue masking drapes. The possibilities are endless.


Our fairy lights are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, including battery powered options.


Our festoons can be fitted with various lamp types, including coloured golfball lamps, and vintage Edison bulbs, depending on your theme. They can also be strung between tall shepherds crooks outdoors, to light pathways for example.


We also supply hanging paper lanterns, in sizes from 20cm to 80cm, and various colours, including silver and gold.


Any of our paper lanterns can be fitted with a remote controlled battery powered light. The white lights work best in coloured lanterns, while our colour mixing light looks best in white shades, allowing you to vary the colour of the lantern at the touch of a button.